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When you sit down and decide you want a website, you decide you want a website for a purpose. Either you have great products or services to show your potential customers or you have great products or services you want to sell to potential customers. You DON’T want a website that just looks nice but doesn’t increase your business. That’s why when we do website design, we do so much more than just the design.

We understand that most people don’t understand (or don’t want to understand) the technical jargon associated with building a website, so we will sit down with you and discuss your options in a very comprehensive and friendly manner which won’t give you a headaches or nightmares. We as web designers understand the technologies used to build websites and as such we will worry about that so you don’t have to! After all, what you want is a complete, functional website that gets visitors.

How we work
We will draw up a website completion schedule which will detail what input we need from you and also when we will complete each stage of the website design and build. Obviously, the quicker you can give us the information to put into your website design, the faster we can complete the website construction and the sooner you get up and running.  We will also work with you on the content for your website as we also understand that sometimes you don’t know where to start!  If you have an existing website that needs to be updated to make it mobile friendly, we also offer this service.

Why Responsive Web Design?

For some time now, the majority of internet users, and your potantial customers, are surfing the internet using some kind of mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet and since last year more users are now using mobile devices than desktop computers and so it is now more important than ever before for your website to translate properly on mobile devices.

We essentially produce 2 types of websites. These are:

Brochure Website Design:

A brochure website design is a 5 or so page website which features your products and services, offers information about your company or business venture, displays a photo gallery and has a dedicated page of contact information such as telephone contact details and email contact details. Brochure websites can be either totally static or can include some form of animation or movement and our websites are all totally responsive so your website will work perfectly on a desktop PC, Android tablet or iPhone.

E-Shop Website Design:

An E-shop is more commonly known as an e-commerce solution. E-shop websites feature all the functionality of a brochure website but with the all-important addition of a total shopping cart environment within which you display your products for sale in easy to navigate categories and sections and provide the user with a method of purchasing these products directly from your website online using a secure payment method such as PayPal.

All brochure websites and e-shop websites produced by Redbox Graphic Design and Web Design Mansfield include:
• One FREE domain name*
FREE 12 months business-class hosting
FREE On-page SEO (search engine optimisation of content)
FREE Submission to all major search engines
FREE telephone and email support for whilst you are our customer.

Call Redbox Graphic Design and Web Design Mansfield now on 01623 631529 or 07540 289398 to discuss your requirements and see how cost-effectively we can give you a web presence you can be proud of.

For examples of our brochure website designs and e-shop website designs, please visit our website portfolio.

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